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Obtain Quote

We are specialized in securing all types of marine risks like HULL & MACHINERY, PROTECTION & INDEMNITY, CHARTERERS’ LIABILITY, WAR & STRIKES, CARGO and others, as well as claims management and legal assistance during the period of insurance coverage.

Within rather broad underwriting guidelines each and every risk is assessed separately and individually. We assess your risk on a basis of our comprehensive understanding of your unique business profile, differentiation, environment and exposure. In order to do that we need to consider every specific aspect of your operations, to “draw a map” of your exposures – natural techno-genic and legal.

Only then we may suggest tailor-maid insurance coverage designed to suit your requirements, and give our indication or a quotation of premium for the risk. To achieve this we would ask you to provide us as much information about your business as possible, but at least as per appropriate application form(s). You may download them from HERE.