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Protection and Indemnity

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By Protection & Indemnity policy AMT offers insurance protection for shipowners against:

  • claims for damages from various third parties
  • claims arising from accidents with crew

Benefits of this insurance:

  • allows to smooth volatility of the company cash flow
  • prevents shipowner's balance sheet from catastrophic losses

Target vessels:
Small and medium tonnage of Russian and FSU FOM
GCS < GT 10,000, bulkers < GT 10,000
Fishing < GT 9,000, tankers < GT 10,000
Port and supply vessels, tugs

Protection and Indemnity

Scope of Cover

  • Liability in respect of seamen
  • Liability to persons (other than seamen and passengers)
  • Expenses of diversion of an insured ship
  • Liability arising from collision with other ships
  • Liability for loss of or damage to fixed and floating object
  • Liability for environmental pollution
  • Liability in respect of towage
  • Liability for wreck removal
  • Liability in respect of cargo
  • Special compensation to salvors
  • Liability in respect of war and strike risks
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