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In many cases, the best form of loss prevention is early notification of potential disputes to AMT Insurance Ltd. If you have already met with claim or you are unsure or believe a situation may be developing which may be detrimental to your owners, immediately contact the Underwriter:

Boris Rodin
E-mail: boris.rodin@amt-insurance.com
Mob: +7 903 796 8368
Tel: +7 495 637 6645
Fax: +7 495 637 6649

The first steps taken for prompt and efficient processing of marine claim are very important. We would recommend you to follow our General Claims Instruction for the Assureds and their Vessels. By following simple advice you can protect your crew and ship, as well as saving everybody a lot of trouble.

Carefully prepare and let your Underwriter have filled Notice of Accident.

If necessary ask local correspondent for clarifications.