During the carriage cargoes are exposed to natural, technogenetic, human general risk factors as well as specific perils attributable to a certain type of conveyance.

Shipping intensification, technological advance produce new risk elements which affect safety of cargo carriage.

Often insurance cover is taken out being required by international trade customs or by previous negative experience. But there is no need to wait for troubles of having your cargo lost or severely damaged to come. In case of an accident cost of insurance is less than amount of loss occurred– almost always.

Once you hand over your cargo to a carrier it is not in your hands any more. You may only rely on the people handling your cargo. But things may go wrong. Insurance has been designed just for this reason - to protect your goods when being shipped.

It is important to know that conventions in the area of international carriage of goods set exemptions and limitations for liability of carriers.

Coverage for international carriage is provided on widely known Institute of London Underwriters Cargo Clauses (ICC). Rules of Russian insurers in terms of scope of cover are basically correspond to ICC:
  • «All risks” policy - similar to ICC (A), Cl. 252 1/1/82
  • “With liability for particular average” - similar to ICC (B), Cl. 253 1/1/82
  • “Total loss only” – similar to ICC (C), Cl. 254 1/1/82 

Main factor of risk assessment is degree of exposure to specific perils of transportation. Certain classes of goods have particular aspects of exposure connected to their natural features.

Important items affecting the risk assessment also are:
  • Route;
  • Quality of conveyance;
  • Transport operator profile.

For occasional shipments a single policy is sufficient.

Coverage of regular trading as a rule is provided on a basis of “Open cover” policy It is convenient for several reasons:
  • All types of carriage;
  • Lessening admin. costs;
  • Simplifies documentation;
  • Additional control of shipments.

For transport operators we offer combined policy of cargo and liability cover.

Claims service involves number of measures aiming to provision of quality product. This is the main job of trading unit claim team. It is done using expertise of international network of maritime professionals.

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