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AMT Insurance Ltd. Today

  • Flexible transparent learning company
  • Flat and lean management structure
  • Balance of interests, sharing of common values
  • Business model efficient for MAT market segment
  • In TOP-10 Russian marine Underwriters
  • Approved by all necessary maritime administrations including MLIT of Japan for vessels entering Japanese waters
  • Our challenge - to be a niche leader with a strong brand image and quality risk-focused service backed by adequate reserves

Short presentation

Protection and Indemnity
Limit of cover up to:
$ 50000000
Hull and Machinery
Limit of cover up to:
$ 5000000
Limit of cover up to:
$ 5000000
Limit of cover up to:
$ 250000

Number of Vessels Insured:

Protection and Indemnity
Target Tonnage:
Vessels of small and medium tonnage:
- Dry cargo < 10 000 GT
- Bulkers < 10 000 GT
- Tankers < 10 000 GT
- Fishing < 7 000 GT
- Port and supply vessels, tugs
Hull and Machinery
Target Tonnage:
Vessels of small and medium tonnage:
- Dry cargo < 15 000 GT
- Bulkers < 25 000 GT
- Tankers < 10 000 GT
- Fishing < 8 000 GT
- Port and supply vessels, tugs

Number of Crew Insured:


Our Values

  • Ability and commitment to manage Client’s risk exposure and respond rapidly when problems occur
  • Acting as a personal "risk pilot" the team ensures that Client gets cover of need at the right price
  • AMT security is backed by reinsurance from specialist Lloyd's Syndicates and financially secure Companies
  • The resulting package provides our Clients with peace of mind and quality service at economic cost

Our Products

  • Only B2B basic lines (protection against asset deterioration, inherent liabilities) calling for specialty knowledge

Our Strategy

  • Unique business model differentiation
  • Enhancement of claims services function
  • Underwriting based on our own loss statistics
  • Low management and admin costs
  • Solution-oriented manner of managing of all aspects of insurance coverage
  • Non-providing of cover in litigation-minded areas of the world

Key Competence

  • Our team is comprised of professional practitioners, well versed in underwriting, risk management, claims settlement and legal services
  • Specialty expertise in risk assessment, sharing of tacit knowledge

Services Includes

  • Loss prevention advice
  • Direct customer contact with claims manager and underwriter involved
  • Prompt claim response capability that is well prepared, integrated and effectively deployed to resolve emergency incidents
  • Managing of claims in a professional way in line with effective mitigating of losses
  • Proactive protection from third party claims

Our Target Customers

  • Small and medium size tonnage shipowners
  • Charterers
  • Shippers and cargo operators