Protection against
maritime perils
Protection against maritime perils
for loss and damage
Compensation for loss and damage
Reliability of freight
Reliability of freight forwarders
Financial stability
Financial stability
Support of
balance sheet
Support of balance sheet
Harmonious work
of professionals
Harmonious work of professionals

About us

Flexible transparent learning company

Business model efficient for MAT market segment

Flat and lean management structure

Balance of interests, sharing of common values

Our challenge - to be a niche market leader with a strong brand image

Key Products

Marine Hull & Machinery, Fixed Premium P&I, Inland Marine

Crew Personal Accident

Cargo and Logistics Providers

Marine and Non-marine Transport Operators’ Liability



Commitment to marine and transport insurance

Comprehensive high quality service backed by sound underwriting and adequate reserves

Claims handling carried out by experienced claims executives exchanging tacit knowledge with underwriters

Dedicated team skilled and experienced in marine, focused on value creation for customers