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It is hard to imagine functioning of today economies and life itself without road transport. Over 1.5 billion tons of various cargo and more than 50 million passengers are carried by land in Russia daily. However this kind of transport is the most exposed to accidents in Russia as well as across the globe.     

Owners of road vehicles are exposed to losses and damages caused by accidents that have specific features:
  • accident occurs when the vehicle is moving and often at high speed 
  • emergency medical care for the injured is rendered with delay    
  • situation is more severe with the cargo of “dangerous category”
  • road traffic is required to be reinstated quickly    

Aggregate loss (damage to vehicle, liability as carrier for loss of or damage to cargo, third party liability for loss of life bodily injury and other’s property, damage to environment by way of pollution) can be very substantial. 

Road Carriers Liability

Scope of cover:

  • third party loss of life, bodily injury and property damage
  • loss of or damage to cargo
  • damage to environment
  • reasonable salvage expenses

Criteria for risk assessment:

  • quality of company management
  • turnover, routes, traffic volume
  • truck fleet
  • type of cargo
  • loss record
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