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DateInsured objectAccidentClaim paid
exceeding USD 10,000
OctoberGeneral Cargo “Falksund”Damage to main engine258,000
MayGeneral Cargo “Sea Mithril”Grounding70,000
AprilGeneral Cargo “Ocean Glory”Total loss1,850,000
JanuaryGeneral Cargo “Zorbey” Pollution prevention measures80,000

Total claims paid: 


DateInsured objectAccident Claim paid
exceeding USD 10,000
DecemberRo-ro “Elduga”Damage to fishery farm nets160,000
Ro-ro “Samarga”Damage to cargo48,000
Fishing “Boris Zaytsev”Crew claim50,000
NovemberRo-ro “Citeca”Crew member loss of life22,000
OctoberFloating Lading Stage “Paratov”Fire25,000
SeptemberGeneral Cargo “Bremen”Damage to propeller67,000
JulyFerry «Al Yosefeyah»Damage to diesel generator368,000
May General Cargo “Red Spirit” Damage to main engine 166,000
April Bulk Carrier “Alina II” Damage to hull 40,000
January Refrigerated Cargo “Amurskiy Liman” Pollution 60,000

Total claims paid: 


DateInsured objectAccidentClaim paid
exceeding USD 10,000
SeptemberGeneral Cargo «Frakt Fjord»Damage to propeller2,300
Supply vessel «Melody»Damage to propeller103,000
JulyGeneral Cargo «Frakt Sund»Grounding43,000
General Cargo «Sea Kestrel»Damage to machinery109,000
MaySupply vessel «Mimer»Damage to gearbox30,000
FebruaryBulk Carrier «Alina II»Damage to hull30,000
General Cargo «Bremen»Damage to propeller13,000
General Cargo «Falkland»Grounding, salvage, loss of hire475,000

Total claims paid: 


DateInsured objectAccidentClaim paid
exceeding USD 10,000
DecemberPassenger «Merilin»Damage to machinery40,193
MayGeneral Cargo «Grifon-N»Damage to machinery400,000
FebruaryFishing «Sea Pearl»Damage to gearbox12,000

Total claims paid: